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Episode One Hundred and Sixty Three: What The Network Does; How Do You Solve A Problem Like TED; Not A Career, A Careen

0.0 Sitrep 3:28pm, inside at home with what The Wirecutter calls The Best Room Fan busy, well, fanning me. It’s still hot in Portland, even now that XOXO’s finished. The sun is still outside, sleeting down hard UV dispassionately, killing us with warmth. There are two spots on my hand I should probably go see […]

Episode One Hundred and Sixty Two: The Difficult Third Album

0.0 Sitrep 11:03pm on a Monday, the Monday after the three-day XOXO Festival. Very tired. 1.0 The Difficult Third Album This is the third year I’ve been to XOXO[1], the self-billed “experimental festival celebrating independently-produced art and technology,” put on by Andys McMillan[2]¬†and Baio[3]. I think a good description of XOXO is that it celebrates […]