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Episode Twenty Four: This Inexplicable Future, Where Did All The Agents Go, Brittle

1.0 This Inexplicable Future Every so often, it’s worth taking the time to stop and really look at what’s happening around you. Case in point: yesterday, Mt. Gox a major bitcoin exchange, effectively ceased operations and, by some accounts, “lost” around 700k bitcoins. Stepping back from that, we have a former collectible card game trading […]

Episode Twenty Three: The Difficulty

1.0 The Difficulty I’m empty, today. Wife and baby are off for a week (possibly longer) trip to see the maternal grandparents, one of whom we’re worried about. I am now catapulted into bachelor land, with a profusion of games consoles, a PS4 I haven’t even plugged in yet, more movies and unfinished games than […]