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Month: February, 2014

Episode Twenty Two: Infrastructure, The LCARS App Store

This one is more of a free-association one. And a short one. 1.0 Infrastructure Here’s one reckon I just had (yes, another one, you can add it to the pile that everyone else has had) about WhatsApp and the reaction to its purchase: humans are good at *surface*. We have lots of things like neural […]

Episode Twenty One: Net-Native Storytelling, Selling The Future, Always On

1.0 Net-Native Storytelling Paul Rissen[1] (and I’m struggling to find a way to deal with this in writing without feeling like I’m a DJ with a call-in talk radio show) asked if I had any further reckons about the whole Marvel Universe API and the weak signal of Irrational Games’ implosion. I have a shtick […]

Episode Twenty: Literal Tone Of Voice, Presence, Networks, Applescript

1. Literal Tone Of Voice If you’re British and use Siri, then you’ve probably heard the plummy tones of, well, I can’t describe it in any way other than British Siri Wanker. So in terms of designing a service, here’s a whole (not necessarily new, but deep domain) area that is suddenly becoming more relevant. […]

Episode Nineteen – Not Trying Is A Signal, Peak Game, EasyHard, SnapChat

1. Not Trying Is A Signal I wrote yesterday, in my bit about Fax Your GP (which, maybe not on its own, but certainly appears to have contributed to this recent decision to push back rollout of the database a little[1]), that with ever increasing emphasis on customer service and user experience, the delta […]

Episode Eighteen: Some Thoughts On The Illustrated Primer, Fax Your GP

0. Housekeeping So here’s an observation: if you promise that you’ll get an episode of a newsletter out on what is for you, effectively, a holiday, you’re just going to spend most of the day stressed about it. So on Friday last week, I probably shouldn’t have said that I’d get one out today (Presidents […]