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Month: March, 2014

Episode Forty Eight: Not Yet A Phyle; Ready Player One; Fantasy Acquisitions

0.0 Station Ident It’s Monday (in Perth, Western Australia, at least), so I’m writing episode forty eight. I have a long trip ahead: tonight I’ve a three hour flight to Melbourne, then a fourteen hour flight to LAX then a two hour flight home to Portland. Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep for most of […]

Episode Forty Seven – Building Better Worlds; Mobile; More video

0.0 Station Ident It’s 8:36am and I’m at the State Theater Centre in Perth for today’s xmedialab conference, the reason I’m in Perth. I’ve been up since 4am, but that’s not so bad because it meant I had time for a one hour Facetime with my wife and son, the latter of which gleefully showed […]

Episode Forty Six – Snow Crashing 3; Video is a Content-Type; Blame Your Tools

0.0 Station Ident I’m writing this at 1:25pm on Thursday, March 27 in Perth, Australia. I have the next few days in Perth – I’m doing this xmedialab thing tomorrow, then spending Saturday in a studio recording what I presented on Friday. I’ve added Yet Another International SIM to my collection – two dollars a […]

Episode Forty Five – Station Ident; Snow Crashing 2; Computers, AMIRITE?; A Book on your Face

0.0 Station Ident I’m at an altitude of thirty six thousand feet travelling at five hundred and sixty one miles per hour, with a head wind of nine miles per hour. I’m at 171 degrees 2 minutes 53 seconds south, 13 degrees, 12 minutes, 54 seconds south on tail number 7102. I am 1,879 miles […]

Episode Forty Four: Snow Crashing; danah boyd; Facebook and Oculus Rift

1.0 Snow Crashing If you were going to read Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash again, which you should, because seminal science fiction and all that, never mind business plan and direct inspiration for a stupendous number of things that we now have to live and deal with on a daily basis, then you might re-read it […]