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Month: March, 2014

Episode Forty Three: Wearable Reckons; Mirror Neurons; More Google

Phooey. A short one, today. I’m on vacation in Missouri with my family and my wife’s parents before I fly out to Perth, Australia, to speak at the xmedialab Video+Social conference. The farm is quiet and relaxing (albeit a bit snowy today), the cows are fed and my 13 month old son has just figured […]

Episode Forty Two: OK Google, Initiate Singularity; Random

1.0 OK Google, Initiate Singularity I give Google a hard time. It’s easy to, and that’s perhaps a lazy position to take, to knock the eight hundred pound gorilla in the room. But there are a number of reckons that I have swirling around the whole idea and concept and execution of Google, not least […]

Episode Forty One: When You’re Part Of A Team; The Dabbler

An experiment – I’m going to start using Amazon Associates links when I link to, well, things on Amazon. There are a couple of references to books in today’s episode. You don’t pay any more than you usually would, and I get a little bit back from Amazon to spend on things like baby toys […]

Episode 40: IP and the Federation; A Thousand Digital Hubs In Your Pocket; Your Server Recommends

1.0 IP and the Federation Look, if Paul Krugman can write a genuine paper about the economic implications of interstellar and relativistic trade[1], then I can use Gene Roddenberry’s toy universe as a sort of gedankenexperiment about intellectual property in a post-scarcity society. Which is not always the kind of opening paragraph you expect to […]

Episode Thirty Nine: On Creativity; But What Is The User Need; Universal Service

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming after the good Robin Sloan’s intervention. Let’s dive straight in. 1.0 On Creativity This particular reckon is based upon my last four-ish years of experience inside an advertising agency, but at the same time also drawing on the admittedly weird tentacles I have into other creative industries. […]