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Month: April, 2014

Episode Seventy: The Book and The Library; More Responsive OS

0.0 Station Ident I’m say in the back of an Uber, heading out to Facebook’s Menlo Park campus again. Turns out you can get some writing done in the back seat of a car if you’ve got a laptop and LTE tethering. Who knew? 1.0 The Book and The Library I had lunch with Robin […]

Episode Sixty Nine: Transcendence; Broom-Shaped Objects; Odds

0.0 Station Ident I’m sat in MPK 17 at the Facebook campus in a few minutes of down time. I’m in the Bay Area for work, sitting with the Big Thumb for the week, also in town for the FBF8 developer conference. Some housekeeping: I’ve now added iTunes affiliate links as well as Amazon affiliate […]

Episode Sixty Eight: The iPad; The Difficulty; Tools; Silly

0.0 Station Ident I’m sat here at Building 16 at Facebook’s Menlo Park campus with a Diet Coke. It’s a pretty normal Monday morning. 1.0 The iPad I’m an iPad/tablet bull. Yes, there’s all this guff about the iPad’s sales being flat and not growing. But hey, here’s my incredibly naive view of the situation: […]

Episode Sixty Seven: The Difficulty; Listless Interestingness

0.0 Station Ident I’m sat at home at the dinner table. The TV in the other room is playing theme from Resogun, which means I must have unboxed the PS4 and plugged it in. It’s 7:53pm and I haven’t had dinner yet, don’t know what I’m going to have. Other than the videogame music and […]

Episode Sixty Six: On Design; New Aesthetic Zeitgeist Bingo; Odds

0.0 Station Ident It’s 8:30am in the morning, West Coast. It’s stopped raining (for now) and I’m about to head into the office. I hope Skye’s going to be okay. 1.0 On Design Twitter follower @bamblesquatch pointed me in the direction of this wonderful post on Quora of designers potentially “losing their seat at the […]