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Episode Sixty Six: On Design; New Aesthetic Zeitgeist Bingo; Odds

0.0 Station Ident It’s 8:30am in the morning, West Coast. It’s stopped raining (for now) and I’m about to head into the office. I hope Skye’s going to be okay. 1.0 On Design Twitter follower @bamblesquatch pointed me in the direction of this wonderful post on Quora of designers potentially “losing their seat at the […]

Episode Sixty Five: Apple and Nike; Critiquing Everyone Deserves Great Design; Odds

0.0 Station Ident Today, I was back at the office, where the value of “office” has been set to “spend the day down at Facebook in a workshop”. I don’t actually mind flying down to Facebook – depending on whether you get a prop plane or a jet plane, it’s either a two hour or […]