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Month: October, 2014

Episode One Hundred and Eighty: Web Directions South; A Thousand Songs In Your Pocket; Odds 

0.0 Sitrep 9:02am, Friday 31 October in the Seymour Centre, Sydney, Australia. I arrived in Sydney on Wednesday morning local time – having misplaced Tuesday carelessly at a speed of roughly 600 miles an hour – and now I’m sat ready for Genevieve Bell to give the second and final day’s keynote. 1.0 Web Directions […]

Episode One Hundred and Seventy Nine: It’s The Money

0.0 Sitrep Monday October 27, 8:23pm at the Delta Sky Lounge at LAX before a 15 hour flight to Sydney for Web Directions South[1]. I’m speaking at the end of the first day after what’ll probably be a mind-bending opening keynote by Matt Webb and just after an intriguingly titled talk from Tom Armitage. Again, […]

Episode One Hundred and Seventy Eight: Who’s Afraid Of Infrastructure; White Hats; Utopias; Chinese Room Mobs 

0.0 Sitrep 5:27pm and perched at a table at the Code for America office. I didn’t write last night, and I think I’m okay with that: I have things that I’m happy writing about today. 1.0 Who’s Afraid of Infrastructure? I quipped the other day that it’s not that I’m afraid of ebola, I’m afraid […]

Episode One Hundred and Seventy Seven: We Will Sell it To You Wholesale 

 0.0 Sitrep 7:07pm on a Sunday, about 10,000 feet above Oregon on the way down to San Francisco again for a few days in the office. I didn’t write on Friday – something that I’m aware of but trying not to beat myself up about. There’s a flaw in my mental machinery that I’ve noticed […]

Episode One Hundred and Seventy Six: Not Missing Out

0.0 Sitrep 5:17pm after having sat through what’s felt like a whole day of Google Hangouts. 1.0 Not Missing Out One way of looking at social networks: ways of telling people things and ways of finding things out. Perhaps an artificial distinction, but maybe an interesting one as a thought experiment at least. Here’s the […]