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Month: July, 2015

s2e07: Oh, I Don’t Know, Just Everything; A Bit About Brand Advertising Again 

0.0 Sitrep 7:50pm and I’m at home and I’m angry because I’ve been reading about certain states of the United States and how they treat technology and literally at this point I just cannot even it’s all I can do to  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. 1.0 Oh, I Don’t Know, Just Everything Look, here’s a bunch of things […]

s2e06: Iron as a service; Iron as a service; Why we’re here; Reader mail 

0.0 Sitrep I’m still not over the viral meningitis, I think. Well, that combined with doing too much yesterday and being at a conference this morning meant I had to beg off and go home and lie down for a bit in the afternoon. But, I got a bunch of stuff done and even got […]

s2e05: Unblocking 

0.0 Sitrep 9:39am on Tuesday July 21. There’s a draft in here that was started on 6 July. Since then I managed to get hospitalised for viral meningitis (if you’re going to get meningitis, get this kind – it’s the kind that won’t kill you within about 48 hours) thanks to, we think, my son […]