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Month: December, 2015

s2e33: Black Design 

0.0 Sitrep Wednesday 23 December, 4:15pm. Hands cols. Eaten lunch. Had a Diet Coke. Wrote a lot and thought a lot and talked a lot on phone calls. Listening to: whatever this pizza place is playing. 1.0 Black Design Adapated from a series of impromptu tweets[1] today, inspired by this tweet[2] from Daniel Neville and […]

s2e32: GUT; Sixteen Theses 

0.0 Sitrep 7:34pm after a day that involved a bunch of reading, a bunch of writing, and a little bit of listening and talking on the phone. At one point during the day, a little bit before lunch, and then mostly after lunch, I got so frustrated with the whole thing and the pile of […]

s2e31: Coffee; Brands; Stream, Stock and Flow; Paperless 

0.0 Sitrep Monday, 21 December 2015 variously at a coffee shop and the co-working space after a morning spent trying to get ready for a conference call and failing because *someone* couldn’t make his mind up whether he wanted to go to a playdate and whether or not he wanted to wear clothes or not.* […]

s2e29: Robots; Other things 

60.0 Sitrep 5:35pm on Thursday 17th December, having interleaved conference calls and reviewing documents and making a particular point about a particular thing, *for emphasis* during a conference call, with running a bunch of errands and getting a whole bunch of Adult Things done. 1.0 Robots And so in thinking about podcasts from last episode[1], […]

s2e30: Politeness 

0.0 Sitrep 1:43pm sitting in a New Seasons cafe with lunch, ostensibly taking a break before the 2pm California Child Welfare Open Vendor Forum (yeah, it’s a thing), but at the same time, probably pretty wired on caffeine and Adderall. And yes, I know I’m not supposed to be drinking caffeine *with* Adderall. 1.0 Politeness […]