s3e04: Unordered List 

by danhon

0.0 Station Ident

Sitting in a grocery store cafe at 11:40am on Monday, 28 March 2016.

1.0 Unordered List

– Confirm Shaming[1], a tumblr collection of applications/services/sites that use passive-aggressive, borderlining on actually aggressive language to make it pretty clear what the desired action is; you know the kind “Sign up for a subscription/No I’d rather pay full price and be an idiot” that relish taking agency away from users and making them feel stupid. Because hey, I like feeling stupid.

– There’s a chance that LIGO, the observatory that detected colliding black holes, might have detected dark matter, too[2]; there’s a theory that dark matter is actually made up of primordial black holes[3]. This has nothing to do with brand design, however.

– The set/product design[4] that went into Ben Wheatley’s new film High-Rise is hands-down gorgeous. High-Rise comes out on general/online release in the USA in late April. I have no idea if it’s already available in the UK.

– If you’ve ever been in a partial hospitalization program for mental illness, you might recognize some of the techniques that Well-Adjusted Batman[5] uses. Meanwhile, while it’s known [citation needed] that animals can help with depression, I’m intrigued by the potential a domesticated BB-8 unit might offer[6]. And speaking of partial hospitalization programs, I’ve been (fortunate?) to have met and made friends during treatment with people whom I might never meet during my regular life. One thing I noticed? Everyone has smart phones, and everyone trades tips on apps that can be used to help with mental health. One hands-down recommendation is Headspace[7]. Oh, and a giant study on post-partum depression[8].

– I fell down a hole and ended reading a whole bunch about the US Navy’s Total Ship[board] Computing Environment, which is about as Star Trek: The Next Generation as it seems. Here’s a Foxtrot Alpha article (Trigger warning: Gawker Media) about the DDG-1000 Zumwalt Class destroyer[9], an article about the “six million lines of code” that were required for integration[10] and a paper on the DDG-1000’s Engineering Control System[11], if you’re into that kind of thing.

– I’m vaguely thinking about visible/perceivable infrastructure debt after having read this post on Metafilter by Charlie Stross about how you might go about building a new Concorde[12]. There’s something about the infrastucture of cities (our battlesuits, right?) having a useful half-life of around, I dunno, forty/fifty years? More to come on that, I expect

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11:57am, and time to meet a friend for lunch.