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s3e33: DNS Fan Fiction; 100-watt-hour-TrucksĀ 

0.0 Station Ident 2:44pm on Tuesday, 1 November 2016 in Oakland, California at the Code for America Summit listening to the dulcet tones of Tom Loosemore talk candidly about what worked and what didn’t work at the UK’s Government Digital Service. If you’re at the Code for America Summit in Oakland Wednesday 2 and Thursday […]

Episode One Hundred and Forty Four: What Are The Civilian Applications?; The Way The World Works; Seeing Like A SpamSieve

0.0 Station Ident Apparently, business as usual in Ferguson literally means business as usual in all its depressing aspects. I’m holed up in Branson, MO because have you looked outside oh my god it’s so hot. 1.0 What Are The Civilian Applications? I didn’t expect to end up with Ronald Reagan as an example of […]