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Episode Two Hundred and Nine: Sending Signals; So We Solved Publishing; 2015 (1)

0.0 Sitrep “Siri, play ‘Captain America’ from the album ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ and put thirty minutes on the clock.” “I’m sorry, I can’t show you your clock.” “Okay, fine. Siri, set a timer for thirty minutes.” 1.0 Sending Signals Lunch today with Ryan Gantz, with whom I’ve been internet-friend-circling for the past year […]

Episode Eighty Nine: Yet More Smarts; The Continued Tyranny; A Different Kind Of Overload

0.0 Station Ident I’ve been back in Portland for about 24 hours and the panic has only just set in a little bit. First is that there are a whole bunch of threads that I need to pull on and constantly manage in terms of what I’m going to do next, and all I know […]