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Episode One Hundred and Seventy Five: Housekeeping; Private In Public; It’s The Basics¬†

¬†0.0 Sitrep 8:20pm in a coffee house next to a Chevron in Oregon City having dropped off my father-in-law to a square dancing night to which I now know far more than I ever really wanted to know about the lives of seniors and retirees. This is the bit where if I’m narrating the TV […]

Episode One Hundred and Fifty Three: Not Doing A Nick Bilton; Counterexamples; echofuckingpraxia

0.0 Station Ident Back from hiatus. I had wanted to simply send a note yesterday saying “Dan Hon is on holiday,” but instead I can blame it on having a Human Accident, yet another entry in the ongoing series of “Stupid Things Baseline Humans Do To Injure Themselves”. Friday night, and I managed (don’t laugh) […]