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s3e29: Tiny Brains Mewling In All The Things 

0.0 Station Ident 3:48pm on Thursday October 20, 2016 at the XOXO Outpost, listening to The Promise, by When in Rome. Thanks to everyone who wrote back after yesterday’s episode – all the replies, even the tiny short ones, mean a lot. One of the big things I’ve been…. struggling with? Thinking about? …is the […]

s3e10: Of Course I Still Love You 

0.0 Station Ident 3:06pm on Friday, 8 April 2016 at Salt Lake City airport on the way to San Francisco for the weekend to visit friends. Normally in this part of the episode I write a bit about what I’m listening to or watching, or what’s going on in my immediate environment. This time, though, […]

s2e20: Dreaming of writing; Just some notes 

0.0 Sitrep I spent the weekend looking at tractors, or, rather, chasing after my son who wanted to go look at tractors. I’ve seen a lot of tractors now, lots of old ones, a few new ones, and even some tank-chairs, which are like wheelchairs but with treads and a way for you to mount […]

Episode One Hundred and Seventy Seven: We Will Sell it To You Wholesale 

 0.0 Sitrep 7:07pm on a Sunday, about 10,000 feet above Oregon on the way down to San Francisco again for a few days in the office. I didn’t write on Friday – something that I’m aware of but trying not to beat myself up about. There’s a flaw in my mental machinery that I’ve noticed […]

Episode One Hundred and Forty Eight: Better Days

0.0 Station Ident 10:15pm on a weeknight, and I normally try to write these things in the morning. A fractured day, work-wise, not so fractured if you look at it from the point of view of my son, who got to do a whole bunch of super fun things today, but despite that remained adorably […]