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Episode One Hundred and Forty Three: Email; Snow Crashing (10); 2014 (4)

0.0 Station Ident I’m in Branson, Missouri, on an extended family road-trip, visiting in-laws and newborn cousins.¬†Family is milling around me, grilling chicken and corn, and a ten year old is showing me Lego Marvel Super Heroes.¬† Branson is in Southern Missouri, about a four-hour drive from Ferguson, Missouri, which you might have heard of. […]

Episode Ninety Three: Email Is Still A Killer App; Dubya Dubya Dee Cee

0.0 Station Ident It’s 10pm on a Monday night, and I’ve been typing for coins. And I thought it would be *easy* to type for coins today but I completely forgot about nerd Christmas. 1.0 Email Is Still A Killer App Occasionally, I meet people who read this, or people who know that I write […]

Episode Four: Any Sufficiently Advanced Economy

1. Any Sufficiently Advanced Economy You know how the Arthur C. Clarke quote goes. I’ve been thinking a bit, somewhat vaguely, about crypto currencies lately. There’s my gut response to the anarcho-Randian boosterism of Bitcoin/Dogecoin fans (the latter of which, I have to admit, is absolutely hilarious and a wonderful example of people taking things […]