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Episode One Hundred and Forty Two: Sketchy; Don’t Call It Sharing; Walking Sensors, Contd.; 2014 (3)

0.0 Station Ident The farm out in Missouri. Eighty-odd degrees outside, gorgeous in the shade with a light breeze, steaks on the grill including That Amazing Secret About Cooking Frozen Steaks that just went around the net. Me holed up with man-flu until 2pm in the afternoon, hacking, coughing and spluttering after having gotten into Kansas […]

Episode One Hundred and Four: The New Jobs; Disrupting Bitcoin; Protect Us; The Full Stack Is Better?; Dumb Screens

0.0 Station Ident I’m writing this at the weekly 30,000 feet, perilously typing into a textarea that’s on the end of a flaky Gogo Wifi connection to the ground. Today and tomorrow are NOSTROMO BLACK days, the last bit of typing for coins and client presentation before potentially a new project opens up. NOSTROMO BLACK […]

Episode Ninety Four: Eating The World; And A Question

0.0 Station Ident I’m settling into a sort of post-employment routine now where the family gets up at around 7am and I dress and feed our son then play with him a bit while my wife gets ready. Today, my first bit of “work” was at 10am when I had a call scheduled – and […]

Episode Seventy Two: Symptom Masquerading As Disruption (2); The Model Is The Modeled; Labour Not Employment; Superstar Ratings, Here We Go; Not Swarm

0.0 Station Ident Today’s episode is mainly a response to what I wrote in yesterday’s episode. It feels like I unearthed a bit of a thread, and I got some great notes from readers. So let’s go pull on it. 1.0 Symptom Masquerading As Disruption (2) Hat tips to Rowan Beentje, Kim Pallister, John V […]

Episode Seventy One: A Symptom Masquerading As Disruption; Swarm

0.0 Station Ident Short one today, written in the back of an Uber, as always. It’s hot in San Francisco and I had an It’s-it last night. It was… itty. 1.0 A Symptom Masquerading As Disruption Disclaimer: I Am Not An Economist, These Are Literally Just Random Excitations In My Brain, Transcribed Through My Fingers. […]