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Episode One Hundred and Sixty Seven: How Are You?; Built It And They Will…; In The GapsĀ 

0.0 Sitrep 10:12am on a Monday after what was frankly one of the weirdest things yesterday at the Oregon Renaissance Festival, that distinctly American tradition of dressing up and pretending that you haven’t died of the lurgy yet. But anyway: right now, a cool, cloudy morning, sat in Ristretto Roasters nursing an irresponsibly large mocha. […]

Episode Seventy One: A Symptom Masquerading As Disruption; Swarm

0.0 Station Ident Short one today, written in the back of an Uber, as always. It’s hot in San Francisco and I had an It’s-it last night. It was… itty. 1.0 A Symptom Masquerading As Disruption Disclaimer: I Am Not An Economist, These Are Literally Just Random Excitations In My Brain, Transcribed Through My Fingers. […]