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Episode Ninety Six: And Then It Came Back; Meek, Meeker, Meekest

0.0 Station Ident A difficult day, as you’ll see below. And the baby monitor app isn’t working, so I’m upstairs, typing quietly and quickly whilst watching my son sleep. But, tomorrow’s Friday, and my one meeting is about a fun project. 1.0 And Then It Came Back I don’t know how or why, but today […]

Episode Ninety Five: Health; Smart Cars; Odds

0.0 Station Ident It’s 11:45pm here on the west coast, so I’m cutting it fine. This is probably the latest and closest to midnight I’ve written one of these weekdaily episodes and I don’t think I’ve quite yet found a post-employment rhythm to them yet. It’s been a one-and-a-half episode of In the Night Garden […]

Episode Ninety Three: Email Is Still A Killer App; Dubya Dubya Dee Cee

0.0 Station Ident It’s 10pm on a Monday night, and I’ve been typing for coins. And I thought it would be *easy* to type for coins today but I completely forgot about nerd Christmas. 1.0 Email Is Still A Killer App Occasionally, I meet people who read this, or people who know that I write […]