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Episode One Hundred and One: Dangerous; Not Trying Is A Signal (2); What’s Mine; Laundry

0.0 Station Ident It’s 6:30pm on Thursday night and my nose is streaming and my eyes are itching because I don’t know, allergies. YouTube didn’t stream In The Night Garden to the Apple TV because I don’t know, spinning wheel of buffering. But hey, none of that really matters because I get to write about […]

Episode 40: IP and the Federation; A Thousand Digital Hubs In Your Pocket; Your Server Recommends

1.0 IP and the Federation Look, if Paul Krugman can write a genuine paper about the economic implications of interstellar and relativistic trade[1], then I can use Gene Roddenberry’s toy universe as a sort of gedankenexperiment about intellectual property in a post-scarcity society. Which is not always the kind of opening paragraph you expect to […]

Episode Eleven: The Cult of Making, Shooting Fish In Jean Michel Jarre’s Barrel

1. Oh Just Shut Up About Making Fair warning: *this* one definitely is rambling. I get quite tired of the whole ‘you’ve got to be a maker’ rhetoric sometimes. If anything because the rhetoric is frequently used in a zero-sum environment: if you’re not moving fast and making things, then you’re doing things wrong. In […]