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s2e08: 2015 (1); A Manifesto Walks Into A Website; Stuff About The Web And Post Capitalism AgainĀ 

0.0 Sitrep 8:50pm after a day where apparently my body is telling me via the medium of a neck that doesn’t want to move around much that I should probably take things easy and not spend most of the day staring at a screen on my lap trying to a) move words around, b) get […]

Episode One Hundred and Sixty Six: Unicorns; Six MinusĀ 

0.0 Sitrep 10:15pm. Tired. Assaulted by a woman and a man with sufficiently sharp and metallic equipment to be indistinguishable from a dentist’s office. TILT: I really, really don’t like visiting the dentist, but on the plus side, I have a new front tooth. On the down side, these people are threatening me with root […]