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Episode One Hundred and Seventy Six: Not Missing Out

0.0 Sitrep 5:17pm after having sat through what’s felt like a whole day of Google Hangouts. 1.0 Not Missing Out One way of looking at social networks: ways of telling people things and ways of finding things out. Perhaps an artificial distinction, but maybe an interesting one as a thought experiment at least. Here’s the […]

Episode One Hundred and Sixty One: Ecks Oh, Ecks Oh; Just In Time

0.0 Sitrep The first day of XOXO – the Social part. 8:06pm, at home, not being DJ’d to by Anil Dash. My turn – by choice – with our son tonight. A quite night. Tomorrow will be brain exploding. 1.0 Ecks Oh, Ecks Oh There’s a certain kind of person who gets to see their […]

Episode One Hundred and Fifty Seven: The Mezzanine; Doing The Job; Minimum Viable Whimsy

0.0 Station Ident 4:37pm, whilst the spare car, the one we would’ve sold by now but for the idiot accident that happened to us, is being cleaned. The strange situation where the car wash offers free wi-fi, but a hotel that costs a couple hundred dollars a night doesn’t. Because hey, customer service. Anyway. On […]