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Episode Two Hundred and Seven: Seeing Like LIDAR; Hearing Like Superman; Researching Like ResearchKit 

0.0 Sitrep 8:46pm on Wednesday, March 25 2015 with thirty minutes on the clock and Shake It Off has just shuffled on. The toddler has had a fever for the past few days mainly running his mum ragged whilst I’m working – either typing for coins in the basement, or typing for coins in the […]

Episode One Hundred and Forty Five: Up To Code; Science Fictional Network Security; Notes on Infrastructure; Response; 2014 (5)

0.0 Station Ident 30,000 feet again, this time on the way back to Portland from the family farm. It’s inexplicably hotter in Portland than it is in Farmland, Missouri. My son is amusing himself by running around and around in circles and saying “woah!” a lot, and I’m re-reading Constellation Games and wondering when, exactly, […]