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Episode One Hundred and Fifty Seven: The Mezzanine; Doing The Job; Minimum Viable Whimsy

0.0 Station Ident 4:37pm, whilst the spare car, the one we would’ve sold by now but for the idiot accident that happened to us, is being cleaned. The strange situation where the car wash offers free wi-fi, but a hotel that costs a couple hundred dollars a night doesn’t. Because hey, customer service. Anyway. On […]

Episode One Hundred and Nine: What You Want; Messiahs; The List

0.0 Station Ident So I’m camped out in Yet Another Coffee Shop in Portland, this time venturing out to the South East and relying on tethering rather than wifi this time. So I’m getting prepped for a NOSTROMO BLACK trip out at stupid o’clock tomorrow morning out to New York and then bunkering down for […]

1.0 This Incredible Journey A good (I hope!) friend of mine runs the Tumblr Our Incredible Journey[1] and has recently found that they’ve needed to explain[2] what, exactly an Incredible Journey is. You should go read that explanation, but the gist of it is this: The “Incredible Journey” construct is drawing attention to the now-cliche […]

Episode Seventy: The Book and The Library; More Responsive OS

0.0 Station Ident I’m say in the back of an Uber, heading out to Facebook’s Menlo Park campus again. Turns out you can get some writing done in the back seat of a car if you’ve got a laptop and LTE tethering. Who knew? 1.0 The Book and The Library I had lunch with Robin […]

Episode Nine: Everything In Silos, Forever and Ever, Amen

1. Everything In Silos Only one topic today, and a rambling one, at that. I’ve been working in capital-A advertising for nearly over 3 years now – just under a year at Wieden+Kennedy London, and coming up to 3 years at Wieden+Kennedy Portland. In that time, one of the most interesting things I’ve been exposed […]