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s2e21: Hello babies; Post-Apocalyptic Duolingo; Recreational Capitalism

0.0 Sitrep I don’t know what to put here, so I had my slug puppy neural net shadow self prepare a few words: There is the very least something like The Next Generation Between America – I had a weak signal with the hard written about what the tweet is that it’s not a connections […]

s2e17: Shockwave; The Top Priorities; Engagement; A Hostile Environment 

0.0 Sitrep 10:59pm central daylight time on Wednesday, 12 August 2015,  at the undisclosed family farm location in rural Missouri. We just came in from lying down outside looking up at the Perseids and in the last hour seeing about three brilliant lines momentarily etched across the sky, like a sort of scratch test on our […]

s2e07: Oh, I Don’t Know, Just Everything; A Bit About Brand Advertising Again 

0.0 Sitrep 7:50pm and I’m at home and I’m angry because I’ve been reading about certain states of the United States and how they treat technology and literally at this point I just cannot even it’s all I can do to  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. 1.0 Oh, I Don’t Know, Just Everything Look, here’s a bunch of things […]

s2e05: Unblocking 

0.0 Sitrep 9:39am on Tuesday July 21. There’s a draft in here that was started on 6 July. Since then I managed to get hospitalised for viral meningitis (if you’re going to get meningitis, get this kind – it’s the kind that won’t kill you within about 48 hours) thanks to, we think, my son […]