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Episode One Hundred: Taking Stock; And The New

0.0 Station Ident It’s a nice sunny day back in Portland, Oregon and I’m sat in Kenny and Zuke’s about to devour an meatball sub. I took my son out to the library for storytime and we had a funtimes sticking things to the window and generally walking around (he walks now! It happened a […]

Episode Eighty Four: Day One; Google Everything

0.0 Station Ident I write this at n thousand feet at x speed, on my way down to San Francisco for interesting meetings and O’Reilly Solid, of which there seems to be enough palpable excitement around for it to feel just a little bit like the O’Reilly ETech when it was good, which was the […]

Episode Eighty Three: This Is My Next; And How It Felt

0.0 Station Ident For reasons that will become apparent in the next section, I spent most of the weekend trying to not be alone. Saturday was spent having brunch and then running errands before failing at not being alone, playing an inordinate amount of Resogun and then watching a double-bill of The Incredibles and The […]

Episode Seventy Seven: But It Keeps Going

1.0 But It Keeps Going The service is tomorrow. I haven’t done this before, really, and I suppose this time round, I’m old enough to really understand what’s going on. It’s not that I haven’t been to funerals before. The first that I remember was for the father of a close family, and sticks in […]

Episode Seventy Six: It Just Stops

0.0 Station Ident About 37,000 feet up, headed toward Kansas City, Missouri. I’m tired, and I’ve had hardly any sleep. I got up at 3:15am this morning. 1.0 It Just Stops I was in a last-minute conference call with a client when it happened. It was a meeting room down in 3SW, and the kind […]