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Episode Seventy Two: Symptom Masquerading As Disruption (2); The Model Is The Modeled; Labour Not Employment; Superstar Ratings, Here We Go; Not Swarm

0.0 Station Ident Today’s episode is mainly a response to what I wrote in yesterday’s episode. It feels like I unearthed a bit of a thread, and I got some great notes from readers. So let’s go pull on it. 1.0 Symptom Masquerading As Disruption (2) Hat tips to Rowan Beentje, Kim Pallister, John V […]

Episode Seven: Rate All The Things

1. Rating All The Things One of the side-effects of believing that the world will be better once we have all the data is the presumption that some of that data needs to be recorded through user rating. So we have Amazon book review star ratings, of which XKCD’s cartoon[1] is probably the best at […]