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s3e33: DNS Fan Fiction; 100-watt-hour-Trucks 

0.0 Station Ident 2:44pm on Tuesday, 1 November 2016 in Oakland, California at the Code for America Summit listening to the dulcet tones of Tom Loosemore talk candidly about what worked and what didn’t work at the UK’s Government Digital Service. If you’re at the Code for America Summit in Oakland Wednesday 2 and Thursday […]

s3e25: Change will continue to accelerate until morale improves 

0.0 Station Ident Monday, July 18 2016 at the XOXO Outpost in Portland after an almost freakishly productive morning. If I didn’t know any better, I’d put it down to some sort of medication change and a tweaking of my brain chemistry. Today’s title is from a twitter conversation with Glenn Fleischman and I’m going […]

s3e01: Broadcast Resumed 

0.0 Station Ident 2:20pm on Wednesday 23rd March, 2016. I’ve been away for a bit. The short, somewhat oblique version is that about 4 weeks ago my PHQ-9 score was 27 and yesterday it was 5. I might write about that later as part of processing the whole thing, but no promises. In the meantime, […]

s2e24: The Random Walk Strategy; The Wrong Way Round; Miscellanea 

0.0 Sitrep Then: Tuesday, August 25, 2015. 36k feet on the way back to Portland from a couple days in the office in San Francisco. I have a bunch of things in my newsletter notes, but they don’t really feel like anything big. At least, they don’t feel like anything big right now – maybe some […]

Episode One Hundred and Forty Eight: Better Days

0.0 Station Ident 10:15pm on a weeknight, and I normally try to write these things in the morning. A fractured day, work-wise, not so fractured if you look at it from the point of view of my son, who got to do a whole bunch of super fun things today, but despite that remained adorably […]