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s4e05: I’m OK 

0.0 Station Ident 5:08pm on Wednesday, March 1, 2017. I am in San Francisco. I am not here for GDC, the Game Developers Conference. I used to come here for the Game Developers Conference and I haven’t been in a long time, and now I’m here and it’s by *accident*. I have not yet had time […]

s2e15: What Twitter Should Do; CXO vs CUO; Shilling 

0.0 Sitrep   12:20pm on Tuesday 4th August 2015, lunchtime at the Code for America office in San Francisco. I was walking back from lunch and thought I might do a What Dan Would Do kind of collection of things today. I’m still a bit buzzing from Foo and this whole concept of just going […]

Episode One Hundred and Ninety Five: 

0.0 Sitrep 7:06pm, in the basement in the work cave, stood in front of the giant Thunderbolt display on a weeknight after a decidedly “meh” day at work. The kind of day where you kind of get things done but there isn’t just any oomph and lots of things just *happen* to your work diary. […]

Episode One Hundred and Eighty Four: Our Crap Connected Future; Oh My God More Advertising; Echo

0.0 Sitrep 6:59pm in Las Vegas. There are at least 16 slot machines in my line of sight. A day trip this time, to see how things are going, and they’re, well, going.To be honest, it feels weird to have written a bunch of reckons about the Samaritans stuff and digital and advertising and all […]

Episode One Hundred and Eighty One: It’s Too Hot; Monitor This

0.0 Sitrep 10:19pm in Sydney, Australia on the hottest day of the year so far, a sort of 93 degrees fahrenheit hot. And then a surprise (pop-up? flash mob?) thunderstorm in the afternoon after I’d popped down to Circular Quay to do some Guilty Dad Shopping and the requisite photo of Sydney Opera House (it […]